5 Tips to Refresh Your Fairmount Home This Spring

5 Tips to Refresh Your Fairmount Home This Spring

  • Christopher Hvostal
  • 03/31/22

Transitioning from winter to spring is the perfect time to refresh your Fairmount, Philadelphia real estate and shake off the winter doldrums or embrace the extra time you get to spend indoors. Whether you live in an urban condo, historic brownstone, country retreat, or island bungalow, we could all use a reset for the new year. Use this time to think creatively about your living space and the time spent with your friends and family, and make the adjustments accordingly.

Spring cleaning

Saying goodbye to winter calls for a fresh start — and it all begins with the vacuum. Whether you push it around your home or hire a professional, vacuum every little nook and cranny of your home to remove winter residue. Baseboards, carpets, furniture, stairs, and even the ceiling fan. Spring cleaning is an essential step to prep your home for a new season and showcase your gorgeous Fairmount home. A good deep cleaning will bring everything to the next level as you transition to a new season. Plus, you can be sure to remove all the germs which may have entered your home from visitors and guests. Wipe down all counters, doorknobs, cabinet handles, and any other surface that needs extra attention.

To welcome the season, it’s also a great time to put away winter clothes, thick blankets, and seasonal sheets and duvet sets to make way for breathable linens. Replace your winter clothes with fun, spring fashion items and swap out your sheets — consider this time to evaluate your clothing selections and donate a few things that didn’t get as much use. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, the same goes for your ski and snowboarding gear — store these away to make space for warm-weather activities.

Embrace the extra light and longer days

The sun is also transitioning and making our days longer. You may notice the sun hitting your windows on Spruce Hill Philadelphia homes for sale at various new times of the day. It’s time to open those drapes during the day and let the sunshine and fresh air into your home — the perfect way to boost your energy levels and increase serotonin. If your home has less access to sunlight, installing additional lighting in your home is a fantastic alternative. Newer LED light bulbs are a great option as they provide daylight-like lighting and are energy efficient.

With the coming of a new season, Philadelphia residents enjoy longer daylight hours and warmer weather. It’s the ideal time of year to let your home breathe by opening your windows, replacing dirty screens, and giving your windows a much-needed scrub down to shake off the winter doldrums.

Add plants and flowers to your space

If you have houseplants, they may like a change of scenery as well. As the light changes in your home, plants may need to be moved into a different position or even a separate room. Adding a plant to the bathroom will instantly create warmth and a spa-like atmosphere. Plants also excel at cleaning bad air from our homes, and since we’re finally opening our windows to welcome a new season, adding some greenery is a huge benefit. They add to design, create warmth and provide a service to our health.

Spring is synonymous with flowers, and there is no better place to visit this season than Ode a la Rose. Adding flowers to the primary rooms of your home will elevate your mood and lift your spirits to prepare for a beautiful new season. Ode a la Rose specializes in diverse floral arrangements as unique as the Fairmount neighborhood — contact this beautiful neighborhood institution to bring the colors and scents of spring directly to your front door!

Shake things up

If the pandemic gave us one thing, it helped clarify what we did and did not love about our homes. A spring refresh allows you to re-evaluate your living space. If you are searching for a Fairmount home for sale or are considering listing your luxury property, notice the flow of each room. Moving a rug from one room to another will change the entire feel of the space. Rearrange the furniture or add a slipcover to your couch. A statement art piece may have a better home than the living room in your bedroom. The opportunities to use the items you already have in your home to refresh each space are endless.

Get out and shop

Get ready to get outside and spend the day shopping! Spring is a fabulous time to meet with friends and visit local artisans’ shops, antique stores, or outlets. Many local artists have adorable boutiques in clusters, making the perfect day trip. Visit a downtown area, have some coffee, lunch, and shop. Antique shops are often full of unique and beautiful items. Spending a day hopping from shop to shop will score you amazing finds no one else will have. Wherever you shop, find the items that compliment your style and make your home feel fresh and new. Spring is the perfect season to add a few new things to your luxury home’s decor — scoring the perfect pillows is just the icing on the cake to a brand new season!

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