3 Things You Might Not Know About Selling Your Home in Fairmount

3 Things You Might Not Know About Selling Your Home in Fairmount

  • Christopher Hvostal
  • 10/5/23

You've cleared up the clutter and fixed that faulty doorknob, and now you're ready to list your home in Fairmount. Like all areas of the Philadelphia real estate market, Fairmount has experienced historic volatility yet remains one of the most desirable parts of a classic American city. With outstanding accessibility and many inherent advantages, the bustling neighborhood has plenty to offer.

But how do you capitalize on market trends and appeal to the broadest possible group of buyers? By reconnecting with the neighborhood and seeing through the eyes of the buyer, sellers can take advantage of the status quo and ensure the smoothest possible sale.

1. The Fairmount real estate outlook

Cities around the country face the same dilemma as Philadelphia: supply is low, but demand remains high. With new construction down and mortgage rates up, sellers have been more hesitant to list, even with plenty of motivation on the buyer's side. This typically translates to less time for houses on the market, which often plays to the seller's advantage.

In Fairmount, sellers are subject to both macro and local trends. With its historical roots and thriving community, there is an incentive for a wide range of buyers. Professionals come to get connected to a great neighborhood and easily get to work. Meanwhile, others come to enjoy the wealth of resources and activities, from a flourishing art and museum scene to community events that span the calendar.

2. What do most homebuyers want in a Fairmount home?

Nearly half of today's homebuyers look closely at neighborhood quality when perusing homes. This plays to the advantage of sellers in Fairmount, as many of the neighborhood features are on the list of desirables for buyers. Such checklists often include:

Excellent access to public transportation and local sights

Fairmount is well connected to the entire Philadelphia subway line with its own metro station. Add in bus lines, and Fairmount residents can quickly get anywhere in the city, from nearby hangouts to staples like Citizens Bank Park or the Philadelphia Zoo. The excellent public transportation options also make Fairmount a popular choice for staff and graduate students to get to nearby Temple University without needing a car.

Locals also have more than enough to do without even leaving the neighborhood. The renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art is also walkable from many Fairmount homes, as are the Franklin Institute, Rodin Museum, and The Met.

Nearby parks and green space

Metropolitan residents love the many advantages of city life, but escaping into green pastures is almost always at the top of the list for new buyers. This is why it's helpful for sellers to imagine the advantages of Fairmount from the buyer's perspective. With easy access to the eastern portion of Fairmount Park, new buyers can envision the miles of trails and sightseeing along the Schuylkill River. Fairmount Park, split on either side of the river, is the world's largest landscaped city park and is several times larger than Central Park.

Fairmount is also a paradise for bicyclists. Paths such as the Boxer’s Trail in East Fairmount Park take bikers through miles of green space and historic mansions. The Fairmount Park lanes and Martin Luther King Drive Loop open up many possibilities for bike commuters as well, making Fairmount especially attractive to younger professionals.

A flourishing collection of restaurants, cafés, and taverns

Philly is undoubtedly known for its eclectic food scene, making it one of the most celebrated food cities in the country. Fairmount sits right at the intersection of Philly's food culture, with staples (such as a Philly cheesesteak) giving way to a slate of international flavors. Anything from fancy high-end eating to beloved sandwich shops can be found in the heart of Fairmount.

Longstanding taverns and indie coffee shops also line the busy streets, creating many excellent meetup spots for locals. Traditional dive bars and contemporary watering holes cater to Fairmount’s residents. It can be easy for a long-time resident to take it all for granted, but buyers new to the area are usually dazzled by the many offerings right in the neighborhood.

Plenty of activities all year long

Like Philly, Fairmount has more than a few quirky aspects to create the neighborhood's distinctive style. It's also a small town that always makes the best of the season, with each calendar turn highlighted by popular events. In fall, the repurposed Eastern State Penitentiary turns its macabre history into the ideal setting for Halloween Nights, a rolling six-week event that brings in visitors from all over. Locals hit up a spooky beer garden, check out live bands, and even sip drinks in the cell where Al Capone was once a guest.

The same spirit helps to convert Philly winters into a dazzling display of holiday cheer. Residents gather at the Fairmount Water Works and other neighboring spots to catch the stunning holiday colors of Boathouse Row. Fairmount remains vibrant all winter, with prominent local hot spots hosting many events.

For those listing homes, Fairmount's busy calendar and bustling nature help make any time of the year an attractive time to sell. While you could wait for the bloom of the famous cherry blossoms, most Fairmount sellers retain confidence during any season due to the neighborhood's desirability and favorable market conditions.

3. Things to keep in mind when selling in Fairmount

Instead of focusing on major changes, consider the following tips to maximize your home's appeal without breaking the bank.

Clean the windows

Most Fairmount residents only have a little outdoor space, which makes it critical that you take special care to consider the interior. Many Fairmount townhouses can let in plentiful natural light — as long as the windows are clean. If you can't do it yourself, paying a professional to do a deep window clean is usually well worth the price. Not only will clean windows better illuminate your indoor space, but they will help separate your home from other listings.

Aim for warm colors

Warm colors, such as beige and cream tints, are very popular right now. They also have broad appeal across multiple generations, creating an inviting atmosphere ideal for selling a home in Fairmount. A clean space with a few warm colors is a great starting point for listing a home.

Don't make your space overly trendy

Many buyers look at Fairmount real estate because it is a trendy place to be. But trendy also means something different to everyone. It's best to stick with a more neutral or traditional look inside your home instead of leaning into the most recent decoration trends. If you choose to stage, keep it understated and let the buyer fill the space with their own thoughts and ideas.

You probably don't need to redo your bathroom or kitchen completely

Sometimes, the best thing a seller can do is to let something go. This might run contrary to the gut feeling of a perfectionist, but it's all about limiting costs and focusing on how much you will get back for your efforts. While renovating a bathroom or kitchen can provide a healthy return on investment, it can also create considerable pressure if you try to squeeze in a large project just before a sale. In most cases, it's best to fix small items that can be quickly repaired without much time or monetary cost.

Seamlessly traverse the Fairmount real estate market

For the best experience, home sellers need an agent with local expertise and the ability to navigate the nuances of a challenging market. The Hvostal Group provides an insider's look at Philadelphia real estate, helping your listing stand out among the other Fairmount homes for sale. Contact the Hvostal team to get started.

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