Giving Back to Our Community


What is Project Home?

The mission of the Project HOME community is to empower adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, to alleviate the underlying causes of poverty, and to enable all of us to attain our fullest potential as individuals and as members of the broader society. We strive to create a safe and respectful environment where we support each other in our struggles for self-esteem, recovery, and the confidence to move toward self-actualization. 



Since 2021

Why We Choose to Support Project Home?

As a professional real estate company, the Hvostal Group’s business is based upon helping people buy, sell, build and lease housing.  It’s an experience in life that enriches and fulfills those that are able to achieve homeownership and builds community in neighborhoods.  Yet there are those that either never had that experience or lost it at some point in their life.
Project HOME works with people that are experiencing homelessness, not only by giving them temporary shelter but also by providing a stable environment where they can get their lives back on track.  People that enter the program work on improving themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, all while building the skills and foundation to break the cycle of homelessness and then empowering others to do the same.
The Hvostal Group has dedicated 3% of all of the company’s proceeds to be donated to Project HOME in order to help the people in our community that have no home to call their own.

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Shoe Drive for Project Home

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Our goal is to be professional consultants for our sellers and buyers and keep them focused on making the best possible decisions when it comes to creating a winning scenario for the largest financial decision of their life.