One Week Selling

✕ Traditional Real Estate Process

  • Long commitments
  • Lack of buyer urgency
  • Many showings interrupting your life
  • Small amount or no marketing done
  • Allows buyers to take their time
  • Months of stress and uncertainty
  • Lower offers​​

✓ Sold in One Week Process

    • Short commitments
    • High buyer urgency
    • Only 2 showing periods
    • Highly effective marketing campaign
    • Creates a competitive mindset
    • Quick sale
    • Higher offers

    How does it work?

    Describe your Home

    Tell us about your house and timing to sell.

    Select the Week you want to Sell

    Together we select a strategic week to list and have our 2 showing periods.

    Review Offers

    Accept or negotiate all offers that are presented on Monday.

    Sold in One Week Marketing Campaign

    • Repairs, cleaning, painting and staging are done to have the house showcase ready
    • Professional photos and video are taken
    • 250 custom “Coming Soon” postcards mailed to neighbors and surrounding area
    • Ad spend on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google
    • Email blast to our “Hot Buyers” list and database
    • Personal email invitations to our realtor database and top agents in your area
    • Your listing is added to the exclusive Compass Coming Soon website on Friday
    • Your listing goes live on Monday

    Two Showing Periods

    • Showings only occur on the first Saturday and Sunday from 12-1pm
    • Limiting showings creates anticipation and excitement
    • Buyers are seen coming in and out of your listing on the day of showings
    • We create an auction mentality without a bargain mentality
    • Fear of loss makes buyers act and submit offers
    • All offers are reviewed on Monday at 5pm
    • We accept the best offer based on price and terms!

    Why Sell in One Week?

    The chart below shows the average sale price versus the original list price compared to the time it sat on the market. The statistics are clear that the faster you sell your house, the more money you will make. The properties that sat the longest even lost upwards of 8-10%.  On a $400,000 listing, that’s $32,000 to $40,000 lost!

    When you sell your house in one week, you have more negotiation power on price, closing date, deposits and inspections.  Get the best result from your sale and take the stress of a traditional real estate transaction away!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I sacrificing equity to get my house sold this fast?

    No, by getting your house sold in one week, we can make sure to protect and maximize your equity by leveraging the fear of loss with the active buyers in the market.

    What if my home doesn’t sell in one week?

    If, after all of our efforts, your house hasn’t received any offers after one week, we will discuss a new strategy to move forward.

    Am I obligated to accept presented offers?

    No, you’re obligated only to your best interests and don’t have to accept any offers that we present.

    How is my house going to sell when other houses aren’t?

    ​​​​​​​We are using innovative techniques that works with the mindset of modern buyers while other agents are relying on 100 year old practices to sell houses.

    Work With Chris

    Our goal is to be professional consultants for our sellers and buyers and keep them focused on making the best possible decisions when it comes to creating a winning scenario for the largest financial decision of their life.